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How long will you live?

Being able to move well not only takes away your pain but may determine how long you will live!
How long will you live? Try the Sitting Rising Test
No time for exercise? Too busy to eat right? What kind of a toll is it all taking on your health? There’s a simple test you can […]

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Building a proper foundation (hip hinge)

Check out Dr. Steven! A stellar athlete who is realizing the importance of building a proper foundation (hip hinge) for proper spine alignment. ‪
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Runners – stay injury free

If you are running without stability, you will break down. Check out this series of exercises that help Olympian runners stay injury free. (Videos embedded on 2nd page)
The Oregon Project Stability Routine
As the strength coach for the Oregon Project, David McHenry is tasked with keeping 2012 Olympians Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Dathan Ritzenhein and […]

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Soft tissue work on a new level!

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Taking care of Crossfit athletes

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Crossfit Supercharged – A Daddis Production

On site at Crossfit Supercharged watching ‪#‎Crossfit‬ athletes throw down.
Click Here for more info
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This is the future and why South Jersey PT is at the forefront!

Seattle Seahawks Physical Therapist Michael Tankovich

One of the sharpest minds in sports medicine and recovery science is Michael Tankovich, a physical therapist with the Seattle Seahawks. World Class therapy can only be achieved when the therapists understand training and can compliment their approaches to a team environment. Cutting edge technologies such as Heart Rate […]

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Trick or Treat 2014

Our docs had loads of fun handing out goodies to the trick or treaters! Look at the awesome costumes!

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SJPT published on South Jersey Magazine!

Check out the September 2014 Edition of South Jersey Magazine. Dr Ken S. Cheng shares his thoughts on alternative treatments when “Living with Pain.”

See pg 44 for our Ad published for the first time!

SJ Magazine – Issue #9 (September 2014)

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SJPT Sign Going Up!

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