What Our Patients Have to Say


“I have been to 3-4 other physical therapists and the quality of care & knowledge of the physical therapist at SJPT is like no other. Working with these cutting edge physical therapists in a one on one setting has changed my life. They really give you all of their time and can find the smallest dysfunctions in your movement that make all of the difference. I sustained some injures from bodybuilding for a few years & I finally have my body back. My stability & movement are better than they have ever been. I would recommend this facility to anyone recovering from sports injuries and anyone looking to increase their performance levels to all time highs.”

Leo H.
Voorhees, NJ -December 2016


“Having had the pleasure of meeting with Ken, Dan, Bernadette and now DJ for nearly a year, I am inclined to share my thoughts.

I was referred to them through a friend who also works a physical therapist. Kudos to my friend for recognizing that I was not benefiting from “regular” PT twice a week post back surgery.

Let me preface this by saying, I am fortunate to have insurance that has given me opportunity to be seen by this practice as I need. I go because it is extremely helpful! I have learned so much about my spine and hips and the inner workings of muscles, tendons and how it affects my daily living.

My exercises are easy, fun and when done consistently, relieve my pain and help me to correct posture and weight bearing so I can live my crazy full life and not worry about re-injuring myself.

If your current PT program isn’t working or if you feel like you go to PT to do exercises on your own without the benefit of interaction with a therapist, then CALL South Jersey Physical Therapy. Their empathy, work ethic and professional one-on-one care is second to none”

Mary N.
Berlin, NJ -November 2016


“I’ve been going here for several months for a shoulder problem that l’ve had for more than half of my life (I’m 33) due to sports as well as bad posture. Dan and Ken not only were able to assess where my problems stem from; they have been able to educate as to why and how I can better prevent injury. They have worked with me diligently to ensure that I use not only my shoulder but my whole body properly. I can’t say enough about how great these two are and it you need a real PT, then look no further.”

Chris K.
Haddon Heights, NJ -September 2016


“If you are in pain or need to optimize your movement and performance for a particular sport, you must come pay Dr. ken and the gang a visit. As someone who relies managing injuries and preventing them for my line of work (as a fitness coach and MMA/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor), I couldn’t be more thrilled with the value In terms of treatment and knowledge at South Jersey Physical Therapy.

Each session is an “experience”, and I walk out not only in less pain and more mobile than when I arrived, but understand my body more so that I can continue to improve my specific issues. This is an unsolicited review and being given because I just left the facility and am genuinely excited! Who would have ever thought one could be excited coming out of any form of physical therapy?

Lastly, the care and attention given is 2nd to none. The staff truley cares about your well being and you will not leave with out all of your questions or concerns taken care of.

Thanks South Jersey Physical Therapy for preparing me for an arduous athletic endeavor this coming weekend!”

Brad D.
Cherry Hill, NJ -October 2016


“Ken Cheng is a personal friend of mine but also a very knowledgable physical therapist. I trust his word more than any other PT out there and what I love about South Jersey PT is that their approach to recovery is different than most PTs out there.

During my initial assessment, Ken was surprised by the amount of stiffness that I have in other parts of my body other than the areas of distress that I came in for. While Ken definitely helped relieve some of the pain in my scapular area, he made notes of my other areas that lacked full range of motion and educated me on how to get better.

At South Jersey Physical Therapy, they practice correcting your base or foundations to maximize your mobility and overall health. Whether it’s for sports, weight lifting, or overall being, they will start with your base so that you can become the best version of yourself.

In my past injuries, my doctors would prescribe me to conventional PT clinics that worked on the specific problem area and while it provided temporary relief, the pain would return in some way or another (i.e. from overuse due to weak muscle, etc). At SJPT, they look at your overall physique and will make you tweak bits and parts to maximize your potential and reduce the risk of future injuries. Look no further for your road to recovery and improvement.”

Andrew L.
Marlton, NJ -July 2016


So I first met Ken Cheng at Rothman PT about 3 years ago. I was there for PT prior to having needed back surgery for spinal stenosis and degenerative disc issues along with associated arthritis. I had been unable to walk more than about 100 feet or stand more than about 5 minutes without needing to sit due to chronic back pain and leg numbness. Routine PT went well, but improvement was unremarkable. Late in my course of therapy and quite by chance, Ken overheard a discussion I was having with another therapist and asked me if I would allow him to try a different therapeutic approach that used TDN. After 1 session I was about 70% improved—after 2 sessions about 80%. Ken shared with me what he believed was the primary cause of my pain and prescribed a series of exercises to offset the cause. I never did have the back surgery! I diligently kept up the daily exercises for about 3 years and continued to experience significantly reduced pain.

Over the past 3 months, little by little the pain slowly started to change. I just didn’t feel as good as before. I tracked down Ken and found SJPT!! I have now been seeing Ken twice a week for about 2 months — and I am absolutely elated with the results. Ken, Dan, Jason & Bernadette are fantastic—really nice people who really know their stuff. It is a pleasure to go there—everyone is extremely friendly while also being extremely professional. It is not often that you can actually enjoy going to PT— SJPT is truly the exception — it’s always all about the patient and what’s best for them. Therapy is customized to the needs and abilities of each patient. The facility is bright, well designed, and meticulously clean.

Another reviewer commented that it’s not often these days that you actually get what you are paying for—if that is true, SJPT is the deal of a lifetime! Highly, highly recommended!!

John W.
Cherry Hill, NJ -April 2016


“Just finished my second session with Ken and I’m am more than happy with the results! Top notch facility. Professional, courteous, and knowledgable staff. I especially appreciated that, although I was there for a shoulder pain, Ken put me through a full body movement assessment to find the true cause of my issues. Learning how to become a safer athlete is worth every penny! SJPT keeping me in the game for the long run! Def the best place I’ve been to!”

Ryan P.
Philadelphia, PA -May 2015


“Dan and Ken are amazing. I have been going to them for multiple injuries and not only do they help with them but they have been able to teach me a lot about what originally caused them, how to improve my workouts and things to pay attention to in the future. They are a wealth of knowledge and have recommended them to multiple friends and family members since. Highly recommended!”

Jeffrey W.
Collingswood, NJ -May 2015


“Ive recently been seen under the care of Dr. Ken Cheng at South Jersey Physical Therapy, LLC, and had a great experience, they treat each patient with the upmost care. The staff is very friendly and professional. this crew knows their stuff! The set up is very warming and relaxing as you first walk in, its a place you would mind spending hours getting “fixed”. I went to see Dr. Cheng bc of fear of further injury from intense military training and to learn better proper body placement for everyday and work out movement. I will be telling everyone about my experience. I highly recommend anyone to visit the staff with any PT issues you have.”

Matthew K.
Berlin, NJ -March 2015


“These guys are phenomenal. Nobody in south jersey cares as much as these guys do and they really know their stuff. My brother has special needs and they took such good care of him and helped him get better. They gave him the attention that he needed and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

Jason P.
Cherry Hill, NJ -November 2015


“I first came to South Jersey Physical Therapy on a recommendation from my girlfriend and she came because of a recommendation from her cousin. That’s the kind of place this is. Once you work with Dr. Ken Cheng and Dr. Daniel Linick, you will want your friends and loved ones to get all of their physical therapy work done here. Ken and Dan go above and beyond. As other reviewers have said, not only have they helped me with my original injury, they’ve also given me a new understanding of my body’s mechanics so that I can prevent injuries in the future. This is one of those rare places where you get so much more than you pay for. Thanks guys!”

Michael L.
Collingswood, NJ -May 2015


“I had trouble walking and Dan performed dry needling on me. I’ve never felt better and haven’t walked this good in years.”

Wayne M.
Logan Township, NJ -August 2014


“The vast majority of my work life unfortunately includes sitting at a desk. When I started cross-fit and marine boot camp activities several times a week, several things started happening.

Besides getting in better shape, I was also getting pains and aches that were not going away. At first, I attributed my slow recovery to my age. As time went on, these pains and aches got worse. In particular, I developed shoulder impingement, which causes pain whenever I lift heavy items above shoulder level. My movements became much more restricted as well.

Rest and ice did not help much. After 8 months of pain, I paid Ken a visit. After the first visit , I regained full movement in my shoulders and my pain was gone. He then taught me how to re-train my posture/ muscle memory to avoid future injuries when training at high intensity, a must since my posture had been getting steadily worse from habitual sitting. More incredibly, Ken correctly indicated that I was suffering from severe leg hamstring tightness, something that he deduced without my telling him.

Above even Ken’s special talent, he truly cares for his patients. I cannot recommend Ken’s PT services enough.”

Tony C.
Queens, NY -August 2014


“My husband made wonderful progress with Dan Linick’s therapy. His warm and caring personality made it a pleasure to work with him. His way of integrating sports-like activities with therapy made the sessions more enjoyable and lifted my husband’s spirits. We highly recommend Dan Linick for physical therapy.”

Marilyn Z.
Cherry Hill, NJ -August 2014


“I started therapy back in May with pain throughout my lumbar spine, down my right leg and throughout my hip. From day one to today, I am so pleased with the treatment I received. Dan took the time to treat my body as a whole and I feel like new.”

Sheree M.
Swedesboro, NJ -August 2014


“I can’t wait until August! The therapists are amazing. I do a lot of sports (CrossFit & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). I put a lot of wear and tear on my body. Dr. Ken Cheng has helped fix many of my injuries. Aside from fixing my injuries he has educated me on how to be a better/safer athlete.”

Sicklerville, NJ -August 2014


“Ken treated me with dry needling post knee surgery and in 1 session I saw more results then what I experienced in 6 months with another PT.”

Dom C.
Lindenwold, NJ -July 2014


“If anyone’s looking for a great PT, you need to come here!”

Eliza E.
New Jersey -July 2014